DocRD® Automobile Transportation

It is like your very own private car service.

This premium service will provide you with transportation to any destination. This can include a visit to your Doctor’s office or to the pharmacy, just to name a few. Transportation services for a small fee.


How we calculate the fee.

Fee is charged as distance traveled $1.90/mi plus time $0.45/min plus a scheduling fee of $5.00.


Economic Services

The fee depends on how far away your destination is and time it takes to drive and also the wait before returning back.


How do I schedule a car. (Area: pick up must be in Los Angeles) 

You can schedule your car by making an appointment here.


About the Author

Michael Todd Greene ()

Dr. Michael Todd Greene is a solutions-focused Senior Executive, Entrepreneur and Board Member with more than 35 years of success across the hospital, home health, health consulting within the healthcare industry. The domains of Education and nutrition remain as his passion (clinical nutrition, public health nutrition, food service nutrition, alternative nutrition, nutrition education and research). Also, his contributions to the corporate wellness and nonprofit industries. Dr. Greene is currently serving as an Executive Vice President on a Board of Directors of a non-profit , a member of Advisory Boards and Societies. At DocRD® L.L.C. he heads a Consulting Service in the Field of Nutrition in private practice. As an educational leader, he leverages extensive experience in developing programs for health and human services and is a valuable adviser developed from a span of education to nutrition. A true pioneer for people and organizations focused on nutrition, dietetics and the creation of a healthy work environment. His broad areas of expertise include business development, people management, clinical understanding, public speaking, and corporate development. A subject matter expert on Severe Malnutrition, Food Insecurity and Motivation.


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