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Doctor of Education, Leadership and Psychology – University of Southern California (USC)

Scholarship from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation 2010

Dean’s List – University of Southern California (USC) – Rossier School of Education – 2010

Sally Casanova Pre-Doctoral Scholar for the 2009-2010 academic year by the California State University, Office of the Chancellor

Member of The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi, May 2006 – Chapter at CSULA

Dean’s List – California State University, Los Angeles – 2005 & 2006

President’s Honor, 4.0 GPA – Los Angeles Trade-Technical College

Dean’s Honor, 4.0 GPA – Los Angeles Trade-Technical College

Student Graduation Commencement Speaker – Los Angeles Trade-Technical College Graduation Commencement Ceremony – June 2004

-American Institute of Baking Scholarship
-Hector Boiardi Scholarship
-Culinary Arts Scholarship
-Harry Vickman Scholarship

Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)
Dissertation: (2013)


Vocational Education Graduates: A Mixed Methods Analysis On Beliefs And Influences
Of Career Choice And Persistence
by Greene, Michael Todd, Ed.D., UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, 2013, 102
pages; 3609891

The aim and scope of this study can be stated in the form of a question as to whether students are influenced and motivated by vocational education programs? This study examines how vocational education may affect students’ motivation over time. There is a need for research to answer the question: what is the influence of vocational programs on participant’s career choice and persistence? Does belief about the program’s influence predict job persistence after controlling for demographic data? How do past students feel the program influenced their professional goals? Participants of this study are graduates of various vocational education programs. This study used a mixed methods approach. Quantitative and qualitative
methodology was employed. To acquire data that helps answer the research questions, some demographic information was collected by means of the survey along with both quantitative and qualitative questions. This study found that persistence was not related to any of the four motivational constructs of self-efficacy, intrinsic motivation, expectancy value or interest. As this researcher, would have liked our connections and influence for success to have come from the vocational education program, it is more likely that their success comes from a strong sense of self and the skills acquired that helped over their life experiences that drive these graduates.
The study cannot say for certain that these motivations and persistence resulted from vocational education.

Adviser Kimberly Hirabayashi
Source Type Dissertation
Subjects Educational psychology; Individual & family studies
Publication Number 3609891

Access to the complete dissertation is available.

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