Follow-up DocRD® Store Tour



Follow up Store Tour

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Follow up DocRD® Store Tour Consultation

Have you ever been excited to start your healthy lifestyle and food is a big part of the excitement? But what you find at your local supermarket is the same as before and now a lonely routine.

Now that you are all jazzed about your new nutritional plan to improve your health, you may need a few pointers when it comes to your own supermarket. We would call this “Eating Right When Money is Tight.”

You can attest to having a real earnest approach to shopping and finding everything you need at your neighborhood market. Refine your food purchases to meet your goals.

This consultation is only available as a 2nd or follow up to initial DocRD® Nutritional Consultation and having already had a DocRD® Store Tour. You will be closer to your goals for a healthier quality of life. Sign up today!

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