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Michael Todd Greene, Ed.D., M.S., R.D.N.
DocRD® L.L.C.

Dr. Michael Todd Greene is a solutions-focused Senior Executive and Board Member with more than 35 years of success across the hospital and healthcare, corporate wellness, clinical nutrition and nonprofit industries. Leveraging extensive experience in developing programs for health and human services, he is a valuable advisor for an organization focused on nutrition, dietetics and the creation of a healthy work environment. His broad areas of expertise include business development, people management, clinical understanding, public speaking, and corporate development. He is a subject matter expert in Severe Malnutrition, Food Insecurity and Motivation.
Throughout his executive career, Michael has held leadership positions with DocRD® L.L.C., St. Vincent Medical Center, Contracted Food Service-Food IV, Ritz Carlton, and The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health.
Key Accomplishments
• Chief Study Researcher: Vocational Education Graduates: A Mixed Methods Analysis On Beliefs And Influences Of Career Choice And Persistence, USC, 2013.
• Created and established “Best in Class” services in healthcare promoting health and wellness in the cafeterias, catering, specialty vending and medical nutrition therapy and clinical practices.
• Chief Study Researcher: Micronutrient Supplementation for Patients with HIV, CSULA, 2009
• Reduced food insecurity among low-income, under-represented, multicultural communities in Los Angeles County by focused outreach, research, and teaching and developed “Champions for Change.”
• Developed the proposed curriculum for USCs On-line Master of Arts in Counseling Degree.
• Managed a growing $3.9M profit and loss food service operation at St. Vincent Medical Center.
• Drove up client and patient satisfaction as demonstrated by patient satisfaction scores and client expectations.
• Led and motivated teams and committees to exceed client expectations in the service and technical execution of full food service and clinical nutrition operations.
• DocRD® L.L.C., Owner, 2017-Present
• Long Beach City College, Adjunct Instructor – Nutrition and Food, 2013-Present

Board Affiliations
Member of the Board of Directors and Vice President, Programs, SOSMentor, 2015-2017-Present
Executive Committee Board Member SOSMentor, Secretary, 2016-2017
Advisory Board Member, California State University-Los Angeles, Nutritional Science Dept Coordinated Dietetics Program, 2011-Present
Advisory Board Member, Los Angeles City College, Registered Diet Technician Program, 2013-Present
Board Member, Department of Public Health Regional Board – Network for Healthy California

Credentials & Thought Leadership
California Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, 2007-Present
Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, 2006-Present
University of Southern California, Doctor of Education, 2013
California State University-Los Angeles, Master of Science and Bachelor of Science, Nutritional Science, 2006 and 2009
American Institute of Baking, Manhattan, KS, Baking, Science and Technology Residency, 2004
Los Angeles Trade Technical College, Associate of Arts, Professional Baking (Graduating Commencement Speaker), 2004
Santa Monica College, Associate of Arts, Business Administration and Management, 1987
Author, Numerous Publications
Speaker, Various Industry Events
Founding Member, Association of Professional Registered Dietitian Nutritionists, 2018


With a motto like “fight on,” today the fight is for improved nutritional status, less food insecurity, and increases in revenue for hospital and medical center institutions. Examples of the value that this Board Member can bring and expertise to many well intended organizations.
• Dr. Greene’s goal of programs and services partnerships, helping nonprofits get the nutrition education and skills they need for our society.
• Dr. Greene’s vision to have donated consulting services to nonprofits, hospitals and schools along with university researchers and a plan to triple the number of nonprofits receiving quality-of-life-services.
• All Boards can see the members raise large amounts of the funding dollars through other partner/affiliate/reseller/member giving programs (e.g., Microsoft and eBay) and sponsors.
• An organization (non-profit or for-profit) can ensure that the products and services are accessible to meet the needs of all customers, inclusive of differences. Including the he more than 1 billion people around the world with disabilities. Proven examples include a new control feature to help with vision problems, and access to a free internet.
• Goals of developing partnerships with telecommunications through Rural Airband Initiatives that bring broadband connectivity to millions of rural America people living in rural communities who lack access to what the internet provides.
• Sustainability efforts, like largest wind energy programs, food surplus supplies and recycling efforts will help address some of the toughest environment problems through implementing new Artificial Intelligence within these non—profit and organization programs.
• Bring awareness of good using nutrition services helping companies and governments ensure consultants are trusted, responsible and inclusive.
The fight for improved nutritional status, less food insecurity, and increases in revenues for hospital and medical center institutions. This makes all of us in our communities proud of our organizations’ commitment to not only make a difference with patients, students, hospitals, schools, non-profits and partners, but in their local communities and the world.

DocRD® L.L.C.

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