All New Virtual What is on your mind? Two minute answer. Fast and free. Enter your question below. DocRD® Nutritional Consultation (Anywhere, Anytime, using phone or Skype). An is a virtual e-Consult of Medical Nutrition Therapy Click Here DocRD® Nutritional Consultation READ MORE Medical Nutrition Therapy | Nutrition Education Outpatient Consultation | Weight Loss Therapy Association of Professional Registered Dietitian Nutritionists DocRD® Introducing Way back ever since 1917... the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics Ever since 1972... American Nutrition Association Ever since... 1928 American Society for Nutrition Join Today Are you or your loved one experiencing any of these? Ask about your Nutrition! DocRD® can help Malnutrition Food and Nutrition Sciences | Nutrition Care for Individuals and Groups | Management of Food and Nutrition Programs and Services | Food Service Systems READ MORE Have you or your loved one experiencing any of these? Do you work with discharge patients? Severe Medical Nutrition Therapy DocRD® Nutritional Consultation READ MORE Outpatient Consultation | Weight Loss Therapy by a Nutrition Expert Medical Nutrition Therapy | Nutrition Education Special Service Ask the Dietitian Nutritionist READ MORE What is on your mind? Two minute answer. Fast and free. Enter your question below. Leave your question for DocRD® Doctor Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Evidence-based answer to your question. Sign up for a Subscription SIGN UP What is on your mind? Two minute answer. Fast and free. Enter your question below. DocRD® Ask the Dietitian Nutritionist? Special bundle of services by a DocRD® Coach Nutritionist where Website is your interactive virtual DocRD® Slide
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Nutritional DocRD® brings to you quality-of-life-services: DocRD® Nutritional Consultation, DocRD® Store Tour Consultation, and DocRD® Ask the s Nutritionist. Individually tailored to your life and your goals.


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Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) includes nutritional assessment, nutritional diagnosis, interventions and goal setting. DocRD® can help you step-by-step to your desired goals. Let us show you how.



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Automobile Transportation (Non-Emergency)

DocRD® Automobile Transportation It is like your very own private car service. This premium service will provide you with transportation to any destination. This can include a visit to your Doctor’s office or to the pharmacy, just to name a few. Transportation services for a small fee.   How we calculate the fee. Fee is charged as distance traveled $1.90/mi plus time $0.45/min plus a scheduling fee of $5.00.   Economic Services The fee depends on how far away your destination is and time it takes to drive and also the wait before returning back.   How do I schedule

Letter to National Institutes of Health (NIH)

American's Need a National Institute for Nutrition (NIN) To: National Institutes of Health (NIH) 9000 Rockville Pike Bethesda MD 20892 301-496-4000 / TTY 301-402-9612   February 28, 2019   Renate Myles Acting Associate Deputy Director Chief, News Media Branch Amanda Fine Deputy, News Media Branch Emma Wojtowicz Press Officer, News Media Branch   Dear Acting Associate Deputy Director, Renate Myles, I am addressing this email to each person above because you all are listed on the NIH website regarding news worthy information. I will refer to the NY Times Opinion Today 2/28/2019 We Need Better Answers on Nutrition The [...]

e-Consult MNT

e-Consult Toolkit Workgroup provides information on e-Consult for healthcare. Dr. Michael Todd Greene of DocRD® is a workgroup member. Introducing e-Consult MNT (Medical Nutrition Therapy) by DocRD® Access to specialty care continues to be a major challenge for low-income and under-served populations. In California provider shortages produce long wait times for appointments. Demand continues to outpace the health care system’s ability to meet the needs. California has an ever growing low-income patient population. To address this challenge, many health care professionals, health centers, systems, payers and policy makers are turning to electronic consultation and (with a physician referral) an e-Consult. What

Personal Wellness How and Why

We make a commitment to ourselves and we make a commitment to everyone around us. Personal Wellness: take a look at this article which will get your willingness to have personal wellness. Personal Wellness Make a commitment to improve on your personal wellness. {{ vc_btn: title=Personal+Wellness&style=flat&color=primary& }} How to create a personal wellness plan. Continue the commitment with a personal wellness plan. {{ vc_btn: title=Read+more&style=flat&color=primary& }}

Editorial Board: My Accomplishments

Service-Community-Education An open source international journal publication asked me to provide some information about my work. This comes at a time when I am on various Editorial Boards for scientific journals. My Accomplishments Dr. Michael Todd Greene, Ed.D., M.S., R.D.N. Doctor of Education Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Editorial Board of Recent Advancement in Food Science and Nutrition Research (ISSN 2638-9770) a Open Source International Journal Nutritional Science Preceptor Coordinated Dietetic Program Epidemiology Professional Baking Baking Science and Technology Large Scale Baking Assembly Line Management Food Service Director General Manager Food Services Coordinator of all food operations Startup opening of a [...]

What Next: before your DocRD® Nutritional Consult

DocRD® Nutritional Consultation | DocRD® e-Consult MNT What next?   Schedule your appointment in 2 weeks: Prepare for your appointment by: 1. Obtaining your lab report(s): By filling out this medical authorization form you are authorizing your Doctor’s office to give you recent lab report(s). 2. Do a 3-Day Dietary Recall: List everything you eat or drink and the amounts for three (3) days An example: Lunch (date) Turkey Sandwich, 2 pieces of whole grain wheat bread, 1 oz of sliced turkey, teaspoon of mayonnaise, 2 slices tomato, a lettuce leaf, salt and pepper and 1 cup of water. (Does

What About Acute Malnutrition?

The State of Acute Malnutrition Website is supported by the No Wasted Lives Coalition, an interagency effort between UNICEF, Action Against Hunger, the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation, the European Commission Directorate-General for Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection (ECHO), the UK Department for International Development (DFID), and World Food Programme (WFP). To achieve this, the group developed the No Wasted Lives Agenda, a three-point plan seeking to: Make severe acute malnutrition a political and public health priority Discover and disseminate learning about a range of more effective ways to prevent and treat severe acute malnutrition Mobilize more money and maximize effectiveness

Diabetes, Diet, Keto and American Diabetes Association

What is everyone talking about. The following site is a great place to hear from experts about the Keto (Ketogenic) Diet. And what the Medical Nutrition Therapy about the Keto diet. Diet recommendations for Diabetes and Keto diet.   The Diabetes Council asked Registered Dietitians (RD) and Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDN) about the Keto diet and people with Diabetes. Experts Weigh In On Ketogenic Diet for Diabetes Type 2 By Jasmine Burns DocRD™ as well as other RD’s and RDN’s gave a comprehensive look at Diabetes and Keto Diet.,-ed.d.,-m.s.,-r.d Michael Todd Greene, Ed.D., M.S., R.D.N.


DocRD™ Doctor Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Educational Leadership | Educational Psychology | Nutritional Science | Health & Wellness Director of Nutrition & Food Service | General Manager IV | Hospital Food Service & Operations Baking Science and Technology | Professional Baking | Food Safety | Large Scale Baking Subject Matter Expert | Severe Malnutrition | Food Insecurity Nutritional Consultations | Nutritional Coaching Physician support | Improved Nursing Nutritional Screening | RD Competencies | RD’s writing orders for Physician’s signature | RD’s Monitoring Intake & Output Drill Down Investigative Savvy | Quality | Reducing Admissions Nutritional Science Preceptor | Coordinated Dietetics Program

Ask about your nutrition?

If you are a hospitalized adult in the U.S. you are more likely to be malnourished than not. Up to 50% of all hospitalized adults are malnourished according to many research projects. The present gap and educational opportunity to help people in their lives. We consult hospital systems as well as Clinical Nutrition Departments (RDs & RDNs/DTRs & DTRNs) to help improve the problems of nutritional diagnosis, Severe Malnutrition and Non-Severe Malnutrition. Helping facilities increase reimbursement revenue through documentation and coding, improving the role of Registered Dietitians by physical assessment with medical nutrition therapy, and for families by helping to