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Nutritional News

Exclusive DocRD® Nutritional Consultation

Nutritional DocRD® brings to you quality-of-life-services: DocRD® Nutritional Consultation, DocRD® Store Tour Consultation, and DocRD® Ask the s Nutritionist. Individually tailored to your life and your goals.  MedicalNutritionTherapy.us


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Exclusive DocRD® Medical Nutrition Therapy

Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) includes nutritional assessment, nutritional diagnosis, interventions and goal setting. DocRD® can help you step-by-step to your desired goals. Let us show you how.



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We can help you achieve your goals. All Nutritional DocRD® products are designed for you and will help improve your nutritional status.

DocRD® Bronze Subscription

DocRD® puts you first and cares for you set goals for improved health and nutrition. Bronze subscription includes Nutritional DocRD® pages and a chance to upgrade at any time for additional services, resources and discounts.

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DocRD® Silver Subscription subscriber has you in the driver’s seat with our e-mail newsletter and special offerings.

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DocRD® Gold Premium Consultation Subscription

DocRD® Premium Consultation Subscription provides all access, discounts, resources, and research in nutrition, health and wellness. Subject matter expert writings and access to all special events and the science of nutrition.

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